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this town. >> mayor: i think i have more power to change the town and i intend to use it. >> robb: there is no problem. jeff crocket can move. he can be in a diversified community. >> christof: but you aren't going anywhere. >> robb: oh, we're not going anywhere. i mean we are too well established. we were established before they moved here and we will be established after they are laying cold in the grave. bloc >> michael: coming up tonight, progressives are hoping the new hope will bring the catholic church into the 21st century on issues ranging from gay marriage to contraception to women's rights. their message, lighten up francis. i'm michael shure, and you are in "the war room." [♪ theme music ♪] >> michael: [ speaking foreign ] it took two days and five rounds of voting but the catholic church finally has a new pope and they have the white smoke to prove it. [ cheers ] >> michael: so without further adieu, i introduce you to pope francis. he is the first pope from the americas. he's aragain tinnian and the first josowit pope. more than 40% of catholics liv
changes so this doesn't happen again in the future. >> the parents of three other young newtown victims were at the white house today. the president was himself flanked by mothers all of whom had lost children to gun violence. >> tears aren't enough expressions of sympathy aren't enough. speeches aren't enough. we've cried enough, we've known enough heartbreak. what we're proposing is not radical, it's not taking away anybody's gun rights, it's something that if we are serious, we will do. now is the time to that you were heartbreak into something real. >> the president called for congress to pass background checks which has the support of 91% of americans. that will be introduced at part of the senate's gun safety package. senate republicans went on the offensive, saying offensive things. they accused the president of politicizing it. mike lee said: >> lee, who sits on the senate judiciary committee, warned that he would filibuster any legislation against any legislation to expand background checks or ban high-capacity magazines and assault weapons. you know, the kind of legislation th
the demands of the president and marco rubio. while all of this might signal a change of seasons, it probably won't change the game. within the republican party, things are getting down right frosty, lindsey graham is going after jeb bush for his refusal to support path to citizenship. yesterday bush tried to make amended. >> i talked to senator graham and he said that we're in sync on this, caused on our proposal in the book that clint and i wrote; that the objectives are the same. >> michael: the riff between bush and graham is one example of the cracks starting to show in the republican ice. graham himself is facing a primary challenge to his seat from the founder of the conservative gay group go proud. and center mccain had challenging moment of his own, after he blasted rand paul last week. he today got stuck on an elevator with him. that 30-second ride probably felt more like a 13-hour filibuster. and finally we get to the spring freeze the end of gun safety legislation that was just beginning to bloom. gun safety advocates are still pushing for closing the gun
on the streets-- the gang banging and stuff. it's a belief system. you can change a belief system you can instill hope, re-divert their path, all that. look at me, i been on probation or parole since i was 9 years old. finally got that tail off me. >>you seeing l.a. through my eyes. (man) hey joe? >>what's up? (man) do that remind of something? >>[laughing] hell yeah. barbwire? (man) yeah. tell me what it remind you of. >>the only thing missing is prison guard on a tower with a gun on you. i'm still in the city that damn near killed me, damn near killed my family. there's the bus, check this out. that's the one i'm catching. i get really happy when i walk on the bus and it's kind of crowded but i see a seat to sit on especially on the window side so i can just stick out the window and whether it's traffic or just buildings or trees or whatever-- those are things that i didn't get to see in prison for so long and i appreciate those things. even the very air that i breathe, it's something that's a blessing everyday. i have no complaints because if i did... it'd mean that i don't appreciate freedom.
. >> michael: prebus is now floating several ideas that could change the primary process. his brief moment of clarity was greeted by furious backlash from inside the party. michael steele tore into prebus and said he is the problem not the party or the primary process. >> i won and he didn't. he laid down a ground game national 50-state strategy. we just went out and did the heavy work of rebuilding the party coming off of massive losses in 2006 and 2008. >> michael: joining me now for more is david shuster. welcome back inside "the war room." >> great to be with you always. >> michael: to the gop wants to salvage their image. how are they going to do it with stuff like to? >> right. that's exactly it. it's not the way that they communication, it's what they are communicating. and as long as the republican party has a tea party that has as much control as opposed to the establishment republicans, and others who may want to moderate the par city little bit, you have this convergence of message where you have the tea party that wants to take the country back in terms of
to see some changes to all of that and he'll join us next. plus the last time i checked the supreme court did not overturn roe v. wade, either someone forgot to tell state legislatures that or they just don't give a damn. and hate groups are growing haith crimes are on the rise as a result. all of that and much more just ahead in "the war room." bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's lobsterfest our largest selection of lobster entrees like lobster lover's dream or new grilled lobster and lobster tacos. come in now and sea food differently. now, buy one lobsterfest entree and get one 1/2 off with a coupon at fruit just got cooler. fruit on one side, cool on the other. ice breakers duo a fruity cool way to break the ice.
. then he changed it to paths of prosperity. that's the one he stuck with today. well to paraphrase shakespeare a ryan budget by any other name would still smell unsweet. it would eliminate most of obama-care, it would repeal financial regulation, and it would make major cuts to medicare. sounds great. here he is trying to convince americans that they want this tired 'ol lemon of a plan. >> it's a path to prosperity, a responsible balanced budget. we believe we owe the american people a balanced budget. for the third straight year we've delivered. >> michael: congressman, what you owe the american people is respect. they're smart enough to understand that you introduced the exact same budget during the election and you lost. jay carney today said that the president wants to trim medicare but with a scalpel not an axe. and ryan let slip his real plan for medicare system. >> this to us is something that we're not going to give up on because we're not going to give up on destroying the healthcare system for the american people. >> michael: that was bushan it was so man. was it a freudi
. >> everything changes in this country, all the time. so i think it's exactly what this country is supposed to be about. >> michael: the issue has picked up speed since 2008 when california passed prop 8 a ban on gay marriage, the next year two couples sued the state. four years later the case has landed in the supreme court. the justices will decide whether california voters had the constitutional right to bangay marriage. lawyers for both sides made their case today. the lawyer representing gay couples said that prop 8 is unconstitutional because it quote walls off gays and lesbians from marriage. but charles cooper argued that there was already a democratic process going on in the states to determine whether gay people should marry, and the court should stay out of it. he also said allowing same-sex couples to marriage would sever marriage and encourage so-called responsible procreation. >> michael: that issue of whether marriage is just about having kids is part of the discussion. here is justice kagan. >> michael: would that be constitutional? a very good questio
because the president changed u.s. policy when it came to israeli settlement. professionally the u.s. said there can be no peace talks until israel stopped building settlements on the occupied territoried. today the president lectured the israelis saying it's counterproductive and does not help the peace process but he said the talks continue any way. did he not tell the israelis that you must stop building the settlements like he has in the past. >> michael: the speech did not have a lot of expectation. did they lower the bar because they knew no big speech was going to happen on this trip? i was skeptical of why he was even going. >> a couple of things. clearly, there is a political need here in the united states. the polls show that the the president is wobbly among jewish voters, but if he can be seen showing the united states' strength and standing with the best ally in the region, that might help at home. the president frankly gave the israelis what they wanted yesterday when he said look there, is no way the usa is united states is going to allow iran to develop a weapon. the israel
to lose their seats in 2014 and i think we can change the congress over this issue. i mean, what is killing 87 americans a day? not the debt ceiling? it's gun violence, and it's unrestricted access to guns by criminals and the mentally ill, thanks to the capitol managements and the nras of the world who are arming criminals and -- and controlling our hard-fought democracy. we have got to take your democracy back. there are way more of us than there are of those lunatics in the nra, and their benefactors in the gun industry. but we have to hold our congress people accountable. >> michael: it seems, john noot to sort of douse your flames on this, it seems like they are calling. thanks goodness there is bloomberg to counter these people for the first time. isn't the moment going away now? i know we said that about gabby giffords, and i thought that was going to be the moment and it clearly wasn't, now i thought this was a no-brainer. what has to happen? >> i'm afraid something far worse than newtown. as we get further and further away from newtown, we're seeing
chaos for 50 years now so no change there. right now the opposition, which has been fractured and splintered since 19 8 98 is trying to regroup and bring in chavez's hand-picked successor. right now in venezuela the status is as natural, but everyone is trying to clamor for power at the moment. >> michael: you think this chavezism or the chavezimo, as they say will continue on even though he has been ill. >> well, he has not been leader, and they've continued on the same path. basically a more boring version of hugo chavez, no charisma but same language. he's accusing the obama administration trying to prevent a coup in caracas. by the way we told you earlier today that the empire up north is attempting a coup so it's the exact same tactic as 1998. >> michael: let's talk about what it will do with his relations with the united states. are they likely to change? >> not really. again, all we have to do is look at earlier today when he was throwing down the gauntlet saying medora was throwing down the gauntlet and saying the empire and they ridiculed obama and it basically change
like this that we really see change happen. (vo)if recent history is any indication, it seems impossible to predict exactly what kind of change we can expect. >> michael: coming up tonight, numbers, be they 2800 dead, 11 million undocumented or ten years since, they define where we've been, where we are and perhaps where we're headed. i'm michael shure. this is "the war room." [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> michael: today marks the ten-year anniversary of the iraq war. hard to believe but it's been a full decade since headlines across the country heralded a quote, targeted surgical invasion to top be saddam hussein. as we know there were no weapons of mass destruction and it was anything but targeted. the country itself is still plagued by violence and bloodshed. there were 16 car bombs, and one assassination leaving 52 dead and 180 wounded. all told 130,000 130,000 iraqi civilians have died since the war began. this country has lost 3400 troops and 100,000 more have been injured. john lewis today is not a day for celebration but a time when this nation should reflect upon the t
think i have more power to change the town and i intend to use it. >> robb: there is no problem. jeff crocket can move. he can be in a diversified community. >> christof: but you aren't going anywhere. >> robb: oh, we're not going anywhere. i mean we are too well established. we were established before they moved here and we will be established after they are laying cold in the grave. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> michael: i'm michael shure. this is "the war room." coming up tonight politicians may not always be smart but at least they're long-winded. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> michael: in greek mythology a giant boulder up a steep hill. every time he neared the peak of that hill the rock would roll down and they would have to start all over again. americans have been pushing boulders up the hill, specifically capitol hill without success and with failure. with whether on guns, the budget the war on terror, the civil rights we got to keep pushing. thethe heaviest one on the hill is gun safety. despite the outrage of sandy hook tragedy. gun control has face entrenched obstacles. but today there
the wrong place to expect a change in the republican party. remember the base is still mostly whiter, mostly older and mostly very conservative. neither people who have no real interests in adopting the kind of views necessary to move to the middle and maybe to win more votes. right now i think the republican reform project ought to be concentrated on elites in politicians. if you take a step back and look at what the democrats said after the 1988 election, in 1988 michael do you dukakis loses big time to bush, and they led the charge to moderate the democratic party and bring it back to center and win elections. right now for the g.o.p. they have to take the same approach. more on that, did the base do itself any favors? >> i don't think they did itself any flavors. favors at all. with the christie exclusion mcdonnell exclusion is puzzling. christie is not a liberal. they hold similar views on marriage, labor, they're the same politicians that republicans should want. men who can win in blue or purple states using a moderate techno cratic mention and has the personality to hold voters. you
texas theirs. if successful thanks to the state's changing democratics, young and latino combined with mobilization efforts it would dramatically change the electoral college map. check this out. texas's 38 electoral votes, along with california's 55, and new york's 29 would mean democrats would have a 122-vote head start. that leaves democrats only 148 votes away from capturing the white house. you could go all over this map you would give the republicans florida and ohio, pennsylvania they are still not getting to the 122. give them states they wouldn't have even won. minnesota, wisconsin michigan. it's a crazy thing that is going on with this map if they are able to get texas. it hasn't stopped my next guest from saying don't mess with texas, because joining us inside "the war room" right now is the battleground texas's founder, jeremy bird. he come us to from washington, d.c., but his heart is really in texas, it seechls. welcome inside "the war room," jeremy. >> thanks for having me. >> michael: have you started saying things like howedy? >> no, i have b
committee to cancel the hearing on -- wait for it -- climate change and extreme weather. yeah, i said that right f. back in 2010 they cancelled a hearing on climate change because of another big storm and the same thing happened in 2007. back then wolfe blitzer called it ironic, and no it's just kind of sad. house republicans will be right back where they started come september just in time for hurricane season. coming up, we'll talk about the legal side of the drone debate with alan dershovitz, plus the air force, how do you fix an image without first mixing the institution. plus where the spanish moss sprawls, they are fixing for an lex election. it's wednesday night in "the war room," and we're just getting started. stay with us. billy zane stars in barabbas. coming in march to reelz. to find reelz in your area, go to lobsterfest is the king of all promotions. there's nothing like our grilled lobster and lobster tacos. the bar harbor bake is really worth trying. [ male announcer ] get more during red lobster's lobsterfest. with the year's
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